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Our Hair Services 

Lina Brocklehurst is an expert in Hair Health, above all. Her mission is to provide her clients with a wide variety of services performed with a superior level of consistency, quality, and hygiene at competitive pricing. 


Lina is available in-studio or through her NEW Mobile Professional Hair Service. Contact us here to learn more. 


Rates provided upon consultation.


Italian hair colour saturates each strand with nourishing, high-quality pigments. Our colour is 100% ammonia-free.


​Do you need a bad haircut corrected? It happens more often than one might think! We bring you a personalized, expert approach to hair cutting.


In addition, Lina Brocklehurst Design is your choice for hair that requires special handling, such as hair that is:


Grey or changing




​Extreme length and seamless blending! Lina is an instructor in the art of applying extensions, so she is your first choice for endless, luxurious, sexy tresses!


​For unforgettable, up-to-the-minute styles that turn heads, come to Lina Brocklehurst before your wedding, public appearance, a professional photo shoot, or a night on the town. 

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